Staff Testimonials

This is a fast-paced environment where staff commitment and enthusiasm is rewarded.

Oscar Garland

I started at Lysander Law 6 months ago and have recently moved from the MOJ team into the litigation team. Progression here is fast and I am excited to be involved with more litigated matters.


Chloe Sullivan

I have a Law degree, I have been working at Lysander for 3 months and already moving up to the MOJ team: moving from the first Response Advisor team to the litigation team.


Daniella Pitkin

I started at Lysander Law in February 2019 as an Admin Assistant. I was given the opportunity to move to accounts and train as a legal cashier and began the ILFM Diploma in bookkeeping in October.

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Shannon Wheeler

I joined this firm two years ago and quickly progressed from a Ministry of Justice call handler for Personal Injury Claims to handling more complex claims such as disputed liability cases including court attendance requirements.

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Mwadala Reec

I joined the firm 18months ago working in the First Response Team. We are all about the clients and the team in crucial in achieving the objectives of the law firm. We arrange events regularly as a team to maintain trust and commitment and collaborative working practices to deliver the best customer outcomes.

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Kay Singh

I joined the company in Sept 18 and progressed quickly to a First Response Senior FRU Advisor. The career opportunities are great for those who reflect the values of the company: committed, approachable and with a can-do attitude that keeps the customer at the heart of what we do.

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Emma Strange

I joined Lysander Law on the Ministry of Justice Team and quickly progressed to the Litigation Team. It's a lovely place to work - a good team with a customer focus.