Financial Mis-selling

You may have lost money or been badly advised on financial products such as a mortgage or investment, if so you could be entitled to compensation.

You may be one of the 1000s of individuals who has been given inappropriate advice in relation to financial products such as re-mortgaging, ISA’s, Personal Equity Plans, car finance and much more causing financial loss and leading to devastating consequences to you and your family.It is not always obvious that the advice was wrong, but a claim can be made for many reasons such as:

  • Your personal circumstances were not properly taken into account.
  • Commission/fees were not shared with you.
  • You were not fully advised of the risk relating to the investment.
  • The amount of actual money invested was not disclosed to you.

History has demonstrated that financial institutions are happy to take but not so happy to give back.

Here at Lysander Law we specialise in the litigation of financial mis-selling to bring you the compensation and peace of mind you so rightly deserve.

Financial Mis selling

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