Civil Litigation

We understand that disputes arise at home, with your neighbours, at work and when you are buying or selling goods. These disputes can be worrying and distracting. It is essential that you have the right team on your side to take your case forward in a quick and cost-effective manner.

Whether you are bringing or defending a claim, our experienced civil litigation solicitors are here to help you, and will always go the extra mile to resolve the matter to your satisfaction.

Our civil litigation team have experience in dealing with complex cases. It is spearheaded by John Osman, who joined Lysander in 2020.

John holds nearly two decades of experience in the legal sector, formerly Director and Head of Litigation at Gould and Swayne Solicitors, he also held the title of partner for Wansbroughs within their Insurance and Litigation team. Prior to this, John worked for Clarke Wilmott and Somerset County Council. He is a renowned and recognised name in the industry famous league table, the Legal500, and is well placed to guide our teams in resolving the claims you bring forward.

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If an individual or organisation is spreading false allegations about you verbally, in writing, in the press or social media this can have a deep impact on you personally, and financially. We must prove that the statement was either untrue in some respect, exaggerated, reported in a misleading way or damaging to your reputation.  We can assist you in the following areas:

  • Libel
  • Slander
  • Malicious falsehood
  • Inappropriate use of private information

At Lysander Law, we can take immediate action to remove the allegations from the public eye and thereafter take legal action to obtain compensation for you.

Neighbour disputes

Disputes with your neighbours can arise for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Disputes when your neighbour has harassed you
  • Your neighbour not adhering to the covenants (obligations), easements and rights of way that exist over their property
  • Boundary disputes

At Lysander Law, we recognise the delicate nature of these disputes and work in collaboration with you and your neighbour to resolve the situation. When negotiations are unsuccessful we are ready to commence Court proceedings on your behalf to stop the dispute from reoccurring.


Harassment is the act of a person or an organisation engaging in a course of conduct to that alarm or distresses another. Harassment can occur in the family, in public, at work and on social media. It can include you being:

  • Treated in an unreasonable manner
  • Receiving malicious communications
  • Frequently and inappropriately contacted in person, at home or online
  • Sent unwanted gifts
  • Filmed or photographed repeatedly
  • Put under surveillance
  • Persons in wait for you at home or your work
  • Asked repetitive questions

Lysander Law recognises the anxiety harassment can have on its clients.  We look to take immediate action to stop the harassing behaviour by the use of formal correspondence and court proceedings.


A private nuisance is the unreasonable and  unwarranted use of a persons land that interferes with the rights of others.

A public or statutory nuisance is a common law offence and occurs when an act or failure to act, affects the lives of the general public.

Types of nuisance that can include:

  • Properties in a poor state of repair that may be prejudicial to health
  • Smoke, fumes, dust, gases or steam emitted from properties
  • Offensive smell or other waste from industrial premises
  • Noxious waste
  • Animals being kept in an poor manner
  • Artificial light emitted from properties
  • Noise emitted from premises
  • Noise caused by cars, lorries or equipment in a street
  • Trespass onto land
  • Unlawful interference with land
  • The causing of damage to your property.

At Lysander Law, we recognise that you want to feel safe and secure in our home and in your community. Our team will advise you on your rights and the approach to take to bring the nuisance to an end.

Disputes with social services or the NHS

Our hard working local authorities and NHS do on occasions make mistakes in relation to the:

  • Care they provide to you
  • Decisions that they make on your behalf

At Lysander Law, our litigation team can help you challenge any failures in their service in relation to your, your children’s and your parents care and support. With over 20 years of public sector experience, we know how these organisations operate and what standards of service you should reasonably expect from them.

Professional negligence claims

When a professional, has provided you with a service that falls below your expectations or causes you financial loss, you may have a professional negligence claim.  On occasions

  • Accountants give incorrect tax advice or business advice
  • Architects provide you with flawed plans
  • Financial Advisers wrongly managing trusts and investments
  • Solicitors do not follow your instructions or miss crucial deadlines
  • Surveyors failing to see defects when examining a property you are purchasing

At Lysander Law, we will review your professional’s files, advise you upon whether you have a potential claim and take you through the claims process, quickly and efficiently.

Contractual and consumer claims

When you purchase goods or services there are certain standards the provider has to adhere to. Unfortunately sometimes the goods and services are defective, sub-standard or not as described. Claims can arise when:

  • You purchased goods in a shop which are faulty and you are refused a refund
  • Vehicles are sold, not as advertised and they are defective
  • You have engaged contractors to do work and they have left it unfinished or defective

At Lysander Law, we specialise in representing you, the consumer, to ensure that you get exactly what you pay for.

Landlord and tenant disputes

When a residential tenant does not pay their rent, damages your property or you need to take back possession of it, it’s vital that you go through the correct legal process.

At Lysander Law, we represent landlords wishing to evict their tenants. We achieve our clients goals by:

  • Entering into negotiations
  • Serving the relevant eviction notices
  • Commencing court proceedings if necessary

We assist our landlord clients by liaising with property agents, the Tenancy Deposit Scheme and bailiffs to ensure a successful result.

Boundary disputes

If you believe that your neighbour has moved the boundary between your properties or if they are encroaching onto your land, you have a boundary dispute. You should take immediate action once you have realised that your boundary has been moved in order to avoid your neighbours claiming adverse possession.

At Lysander Law, we advise clients seeking to assert their property rights and are ready to negotiate with opponents and if necessary commence injunction proceedings to protect your property.

Subsidence claims

Property can be damaged by your yours or your neighbours:

  • Trees;
  • Vegetation; or
  • Drainage

that are growing or leaking under your home.

Subsidence claims are a complex area of law and often need expert evidence in the fields of arboriculture and engineering.

At Lysander Law, we advise both those bringing and defending subsidence claims. We will advise you upon your rights and obtain the right information to make or defend your claim.

Contesting probate

When a loved one passes away without a will, it can often lead to disputes between family members upon who should lead the process of obtaining probate.

At Lysander Law, we will advise you on your rights and the process that needs to be followed to ensure that responsibility for the estate is obtained as soon as possible.

Contesting wills

Disagreements can arise when a loved one passes away without a will, when the will is not sufficiently clear or when someone has been excluded from the will.

At Lysander Law, we advise both those challenging wills and the executors of estates seeking to implement the deceased’s wishes. We will advise you on your rights and obligations in Inheritance Act claims, contesting a will, defending a claim, enforcing a promise and claims where you may have an interest in a property you have lived in or financially contributed towards. Despite the complexity of these claims we will act in a clear and professional manner to help you resolve the dispute as soon as possible.

Settlement agreements to end your employment by consent

When an employer seeks to make staff redundant, they often agree to enter into a Settlement Agreement with their employee. The employee has the right to seek legal advice on the Settlement Agreement, the cost of which is normally paid by the employer.

At Lysander Law, we are experienced in negotiating settlements for employees so that they can leave their employment with a financial award.

Resolving employment disputes

All employees have a right to be treated fairly in the workplace. Unfortunately, relationships do breakdown and employment disputes occur. If you are an employee and are involved in a disagreement, we are able to explain your rights and options to hopefully resolve the matter.

Making employment tribunal claims

When an employment dispute cannot be resolved, it is necessary to start Employment Tribunal Proceedings. Potential Claimants need to act fast as there are tight time frames for bringing claims.

At Lysander Law, we can advise you on all steps in the Employment Tribunal process, from drafting claim paperwork to attending claim hearings.

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