Work-life balance: can you have it all as a lawyer?

You might not believe it, but a work-life balance as a lawyer is possible.

The legal sector has been known to house a notorious reputation in regard to work-life balance, and with the constantly competitive market, client demands are changing. The need for instant service and immediate responses from lawyers are now the norm. But could this be at the expense of your wellbeing?

Studies show that people who are happy with their work-life benefits are more likely to work 21 per cent harder within their role, have better productivity in tasks and a clearer mind for strategy. As well as helping the individual, work-life balance can result in an increase in the success rate of the firm, whilst helping to boost morale and create a positive work environment.

So, how can you have it all? Well, as well as the benefits you can seek at work, there are also some things you can apply at home as well, to ensure you truly make the most of your downtime…

Flexibility in the workplace

It’s been recorded that 69 per cent of employees feel that they should be offered more flexible schedules within work. Having the ability to manage your own time and make room for important life events can give lawyers the time they need to reset their minds. Flexible working is fast becoming one of the most sought-after employee benefits for anyone when looking for a new role. With 40 per cent of lawyers stating that it’s probably the most important opportunity within law firms –  it shouldn’t be too tricky to persuade your boss!

Set boundaries

Something you can personally take control of is how much you take on at a time. Yes, multi-tasking is a part of the job, but when you leave the office there should be a limit as to how much out-of-office time you are still committing to work. It could be the case that you like to keep your email alerts on in case of an emergency, so then set yourself that limit and only respond to high priority emails after you’ve billed your hours for the day.

With 57 per cent of professionals claiming technology has ruined the modern family dinner because they are expected to respond to emails at any hour of the day- it’s clear to see that keeping that phone close by can negatively affect personal relationships. Setting a certain time to cease work calls and emails is a hard habit to break but, in the long-term, it will be beneficial to your peace of mind.

Personal time

It could be that you and the family want to go out, or binge watch Hell’s Kitchen for an evening. Perhaps you want to take a quiet, candlelit bath – whatever your guilty pleasure – it’s a perfectly acceptable thing to do. There needs to be more emphasis on having a life outside of work. Making some time to start a new hobby or just to see close friends more often can do wonders for you, as well as your career – as you enter the office refreshed the following day. It could be that the gym that you drive past everyday is calling your name or you can finally start the book that’s collecting dust on your bookshelf. Making time for you is vital to your success.

If you can, resist the temptation of working a 50+ hours  week. Remember that good mental wellbeing comes with its own professional results that will keep your head above water, keep your clients happy and, could pose abundant benefits to your career and progression in the long run.

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