Why is networking important for your legal career?

Networking is a vital tool for any professional. However, as a lawyer you may feel that your time is scarcer than the average worker. Perhaps you value your spare time for work-life balance. Yet, networking poses abundant benefits for legal professionals that can really set you apart from the crowd. With that in mind, the next time you’re ready to slip off your suit and set up sofa-camp – give yourself a boost and attend that event.

You could find your next mentor

At industry events, inevitably you will make new contacts. Attending a law-specific event will not only offer up a host of professionals with similar interests as yourself, but it will provide a variety of people at different stages in their career. With that there is lots to gain from the more senior or specialist lawyers and partners in the room. Ensure you go to the networking event with a plan in mind – is there somebody specific that you want to meet? Perhaps somebody that could help with your career in the long-run. Your next great mentor could be waiting for you.

It will help you stay up to date with current legal affairs

 Sometimes getting out of the stuffy confinement of the office leaves breathing space to converse about other legal topics that perhaps don’t circulate in your professional space. Mingling with other industry experts will allow you to boost your knowledge of other specialisms, and meet cross-industry contacts that could allow you to explore a wider plethora of opportunities in the long-term. Particularly if you are looking for a new job – you never know when your next great contact could refer you.

Build your confidence

On a more personal level, networking can do wonders for your confidence levels. This is a soft skill that benefits you even further in your legal career. After all, a large part of the job as a legal professional is conversing and communicating with clients and team members – therefore working on your personable approach on a more casual room of guinea pigs will put you in good stead for developing your bravado.

Accessibility and opportunity

 A room of law professionals, is a room of potential clients – how? Recommendation and word of mouth of course. The legal profession is immensely reputation-based and broadening your ties and relationships within the legal community will not only raise your personal profile, but it will put you to the forefront of your peers’ mind in your chosen industry.

You may find a new job

It’s known that most people learn about more about jobs from people, rather than their close friends. This identifies the importance of getting out of your comfort zone and meeting people outside of your immediate circle. Not only will this open conversation up to potential job opportunities and openings in firms – but networking events are also frequented often by specialist legal recruiters. Opening your network to these professionals will keep you available and open to new opportunities. Whether you’re looking or not it’s always worthwhile to keep your options open.

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