What you can expect from a career within Lysander Law

When considering a career in law there are so many important decisions to make. Traditionally lawyers could face stifling conditions, long working hours and a lack of administrative support when aiming for those higher-level roles.

In large agencies, competition can be fierce, everybody has their eye on the prize and after the challenging educational journey you may have just emerged from, or a long-standing progressive career, motivations are high.

But how about working in a smaller organisation? Have you considered the vast benefits from joining a team like this? Here at Lysander Law, your desires are prioritised through various channels and we like to think that makes a great working environment. See for yourself.


We have a great deal of experience working in law and fully understand the saying, ‘burning the candle at both ends’. However, here at Lysander we know that a focused worker is a driven one.

Due to this we provide detailed key performance indicators (KPI’s) that give our employees key direction and pointers on how to achieve their targets and work to their best ability. Both of which are extremely rewarding to the individual. You are a person after all and we want you to jump out of bed excited to come to work.

Open door policy

Unlike traditionalist, hierarchical firms we fully believe in an equal and open company culture. We are fortunate enough to be based in Cribbs Causeway, Bristol and have a fantastic open plan office.

Open offices increase interaction, collaboration and innovation and we fully support all three of these returns. No question is too small, too stupid or too easy to answer. At Lysander we sustain and care for each other like a family. So, what would be the point of closing yourself away from your team? None.

Internal progression

Like a family, we believe wholeheartedly in promoting longevity and growth within each individual we welcome to the team. Because of this, if there is a spot to fill, our first port of call is internal. We want each member of the team to progress and smash their goals with us and sustain their own personal growth as well as our corporate advance.


Lysander is really passionate about charity and doing good, We also love to have a laugh and definitely don’t take ourselves too seriously. Because of this it’s not unusual to see us donning a silly costume to participate in a run or to raise awareness for a great cause.

We all have different interests and passions and each one is important to us. Any new member of the team with a lovely cause to support is something that we would wholeheartedly back as a business.

Team social events

If you know us well, you could call us chatterboxes. Due to the nature of our office and the sensitive work we do we are a very close-knit team. As a company we understand the importance of kicking back after a hard week’s work and having some well-deserved social time. Social events to us are the backbone of what we do, and they truly help us to build our relationships, further intensifying the enjoyment of working for Lysander Law.

If anything you have read here appeals to you and you have been considering a role in law. Get in touch today.