Small and Sharp: What potential dangers are you driving around with?

What dangers are you driving with

We’re all extremely aware of the usual dangers on the road. From the moment we learn to drive, we’re taught to be extra careful of our movements. We all know the common phrase mirror, signal, manoeuvre – this is something all driving instructors will drum into you so that you’re making other drivers aware of your actions, and then there are the emotional campaigns that remind us to be consistently vigilant of other road users – such as Look once, look twice, think bike.

What we aren’t always aware of is the smaller dangers, the everyday risks that could be right in our pockets or on our dashboards. We all carry small, sharp objects which, unfortunately if you get into a collision, could cause you harm. Now, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep anything in your car, but you should be conscious that, in this kind of situation, it could be more than just the car that could cause you harm.

Recently ITV wrote a warning regarding lanyards. Now you may be thinking, ‘what’s the big deal? They’re just fabric’ but it’s not the fabric part that is dangerous. It’s what’s on the end of them that could cause life-threatening injuries. Take for example, the keys that caused a perforated bowel, or the lanyard and access pass which led to a collapsed lung. It’s no wonder the Public Health offices are warning against using them.

There are so many different objects that could cause similar or even worse injuries, but people just don’t consider it. It’s understandable when you think about it. Although we’re

told about hazards, we don’t hear about these things. So, we either have to experience them for ourselves, or learn about it some other way.

In the future, or even before you get in your car next, spare a moment to just look around you. Is there anything that could potentially harm you if a minor accident happens? Anything that will pierce the skin or push against you if the air bag was to be activated? You may be surprised with what you notice. A pen in your shirt pocket. A piece of jewellery that you could easily drive without and put on when you reach your destination. You could really surprise yourself when you take a closer look.

Of course, you shouldn’t walk around covered in bubble wrap to avoid absolutely everything but hopefully, this has opened your minds to the other small but potentially serious injuries that can arise from everyday objects within your vehicles.

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