Other than legal knowledge, what else does a lawyer need?

It’s absolutely key for a lawyer to have a well-rounded knowledge of the law to fight your case or give you guidance on your claim. However, there are other desirable assets that legal professionals must have in order to be successful with their clients. Although these traits may come naturally to those within the profession, they’re essential skills to look for when you’re choosing someone to represent you.

Good communication

It’s essential that legal professionals have strong written and oral communication skills in order to effectively liaise with clients and other professionals. Not only should they be able to translate legal lexicon, giving practical advice and guidance to those they’re helping, but they should also know how to get their own point across within courts and via legal documents.

Communication is such an important part of law. While writing contracts and learning laws is a skill that is drilled into juniors throughout their time studying, the ability to build relationships with clients and legal contacts is something which will only come with practice.

People Skills

This may sound simple and, quite frankly, obvious, but as a lawyer being able to make connections with people is extremely important. It means being personable but also having the ability to read certain situations and act accordingly. It will also allow the legal professional to read a situation and to know the best approach to take with their client in order to get the desired outcome.


Getting a law degree and a training contract is one thing but being able to keep going when things get tough is an entirely different matter. In law, the answer to the challenge at hand isn’t always obvious. Legal professionals who want to be successful should keep calm and view a situation from multiple angles in order to find what they need to help their client.

Persevering also demonstrates the level of commitment they have to reaching a successful outcome with their clients and to the cases they are on.


They legal industry requires lawyers to take in vast amounts of information and it’s this very thing that can make some people feel overwhelmed. Having good judgement on whether the right path is being explored is essential. A lawyer should be able to recognise when they’re at risk of chasing a lead that will most likely amount to nothing, so that they can re-evaluate their next course of action.

Not only is it a good skill to have when researching cases but being able to judge someone else’s arguments and highlight weaknesses will make your own case stronger. Something which, will help achieve the best results for their own client.

With all of this in mind, these skills can be made stronger with more and more practice within the field. It’s about taking your time to recognise which skills need to be worked upon and finding opportunities to help grow.

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