How to stay successful in your legal career

A successful career in the legal industry is all about playing the long game – a game full of twists, turns and important decisions to be made. While you may think you have it all figured out now, that will soon change. Getting ahead in your career will mean you will have to continuously improve, taking on new opportunities to create your own luck in the industry.

Be open to vast opportunities

Whether you’re an associate or partner, there will always be chances to develop and experience more. Legal opportunities will be easy to spot but sometimes it’s those that aren’t directly to do with your career that will end up being the most beneficial to your success.

Nowadays, people are becoming legal bloggers or pitching themselves to comment on the latest news within law, they are getting their names out there. It’s also not uncommon that legal professionals will have other ambitions than their careers, such as an activity that can be focused on to rest their minds.

Taking the opportunity to join a local group will not only give you a chance to meet people outside of the office but by participating in other activities outside of your career, you will broaden your view on certain topics. In addition to this, it’s known that people work better and are more creative when their brain has had time to rest.

There is always something else to learn

While rest is good for the brain, knowledge is also power. Never give up the chance to learn a new skill. Whether it’s learning a different language or working to improve your technological abilities, there is never a wrong move when it comes to educating yourself.

As you continue to expand your mind, your creativity builds, and your mind stays tuned. You’ll avoid slipping into a habit of routine thinking as you tackle the unique challenges of each case. These abilities could be what continues to set you apart from the rest of your firm helping you to build trusting relationships with a vast range of clients and colleagues.

Don’t work for the money

We all love a pay day but make sure it’s not your only incentive. Once you’ve lost your love for the work you do, you just won’t work as hard. It’s common that students and even senior associates will lean towards firms who are offering the biggest salaries, but our advice to you is to stop and read what else that firm can offer you compared to others.

In a fast and high-level industry like law, you need to make sure that the firm you are working with cares about your wellness. Yes, late nights are somewhat of an unwritten promise to many junior lawyers and plenty of senior ones also, but each firm offers their own perks and benefits and this is sometimes more important than a giant pay packet if you wake up each morning and dread walking back through the doors.

Look into the future and make smart decisions

It’s true when people say, ‘seize the day’ – you really should! But never lose sight of the future. At whatever stage you are currently at, sit back and think about your career goals, do you want to become managing partner one day? If not, there is a certain point at which your seniority becomes old news. If you have no goal of becoming managing partner of your firm, then you need to work out the best time to move to the comforts of in-house legal team. Ideally, you want to stay in a senior role for a while to build your personal brand and make a name for yourself but it’s important to realise when to make the move in order to stay successful in your field.

There are so many different options for legal professionals to develop and progress within the industry, but your success really comes down to your commitment to the industry, your focus on furthering yourself and your continued enjoyment of your job. As long as these don’t fall behind, neither will you.

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